Thank God

 “Thank GOD the people of Lake County were smart enough to elect Republicans to office!”

                The contrast couldn’t be greater.

Without Republicans in office, Taxing Dan Troy and his cronies would have had us in such a financial mess right now I hate to think what the state of our economy would be like in Lake County.  Higher unemployment, higher taxes, and blaming everyone except their own ineptness and fiscal irresponsibility.

With Republicans in office, the Commissioners  cut over $13 million in unnecessary project costs and brought in $247 million in infrastructure projects.  Unprecedented!  Most importantly, they have set-up the county financially for long-term stability.

Commissioners John Hamercheck and Jerry Cirino were pleased to add Ron Young to the Commissioners office after the people of Lake County saw through the many years of Dishonest Dan Troy milking the system at tax payer expense.

County Recorder Becky Lynch, despite her nasty predecessor trying to sabotage her initial days in office, successfully negotiated a $108,000 refund to the county from a vendor for a bad contract entered into by her predecessor.  And Recorder Becky Lynch has helped the county save over $763,000 by implementing an innovative payroll system.

County Auditor Chris Galloway has returned over $2.5 million to communities and schools in Lake County helping them through these financially challenging times so they can support our First Responders and keep taxes low.

This is what Republican officeholders do!!!  We need more of them in office to bring that business sense and common sense to local government.  We need to Re-Elect John Hamercheck and Becky Lynch, Retain Chris Galloway, Elect Jason Wuliger, Faith Andrews, & Michael Zuren at the County level while re-electing our unopposed officeholders.

Of course Re-Electing President Donald Trump, Congressman Dave Joyce, State Representative Jamie Callender, Justices Sharon Kennedy & Judi French, and electing Jerry Cirino, George Phillips, Matt Lynch, and Sarah Kovoor are critical to preserving our nation and our State.

The nasty, vitriolic, dishonest, deceitful, desperate lies that the democrats have stooped to in trying to get elected is reprehensible and disgusting.

I trust that the people of Lake County will see through Creepy Joe Shriver, Dishonest Dan TroyDark Dealing Jim Dugan, and the rest, and send a clear message!

And I believe the people of Lake County have seen the incredible Republican results…A Strong Lake County positioned for a successful future because of Republican stewardship!!